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Event Forge Bowl 2022


Master Corporal

Dear Kings and Queens,

Our famous quarterback Cal Rogers makes his return with the InnoForgers team to participate in this year's Forge Bowl!

The Forge Bowl starts on January 18th and will run until February 7th.​

As soon as Forge Bowl starts, you can access the event window on the top left corner to score touchdowns for your team! Listen to Cal Rogers to make progress in this year’s questline. You’ll be able to complete 35 rush quests immediately, and receive another 21 quests on a daily basis.

Your goal is to reach the end zone and score a touchdown, giving you the opportunity to win the coveted Touchdown Reward. Move your team forward 80 yards in order to score a touchdown, pushing your opponents downfield towards your prize. Just like last year, you can use one of the five available coaches, who'll grant different advantages based on your needs, so use them wisely!


To start the game, select one player from the field to advance towards the end zone. Each player gives you a different reward for choosing him, and each play requires Footballs, which you earn via quests. You can also get additional Footballs by logging in every day, as well as collecting some more from incidents.

For every yard you move forward, your rank in the League will progress. With a higher ranking comes better rewards! At the end of the event, you will receive additional special rewards based on your ranking. Aim for a higher rank to gain access to some awesome extra rewards!


Just like last year, you will have the assistance of five well-prepared coaches. You can change your current coach by clicking his portrait in the top left corner. There, you'll be able to select a coach who suits your current tactics best. There are four volunteer coaches, and each of them provides different advantages as you make progress to a touchdown. There's also the professional Ultimate Coach, who provides all these advantages combined.

At the beginning stage, the tutorial will guide you to select the Default Coach, and he will stay with you for however long you wish. If you prefer to choose another coach, they will work for you for up to 24 hours (buy you can dismiss them earlier), after which they will take a 24 hour break during which they cannot be rehired. If you really want to though, they will rejoin you earlier for a small fee. This cooldown does not apply to the Default Coach and the Ultimate Coach.

Default CoachProgress CoachSpecial CoachLeague CoachUltimate Coach
Provides a small chance to double a play reward.​
This coach grants extra yard progress for each play​
Increases the chance of winning the Daily Special​
Doubles the points earned towards the League Table​
Provides the bonuses of all the Coaches together​

With Forge Bowl 2022 we're also introducing a new exciting building! The event's main reward is the Fiore Village, a 10 level residential building! You can get the level 1 building from the questline, and you can upgrade it all the way to level 10. To do so, you need Fiore Village Upgrade Kits. The base building provides coins, happiness, and population. Level 3 adds medals to the rewards. Levels 5 & 6 add-in goods for you and levels 7 & 8 also give guild goods as well as at level 8 you will get an additional coin production boost. Finally, level 10 will also include defense for attacking army as well as all the bonuses from the prior levels.

Fiore Village (4x6) - 10 level residential building

New Event Pass:
We're also adding something new and exciting for this year's event, the brand new Event Pass! This is a special Premium option that you can purchase to get extra rewards with each Grand Prize you acquire in this event.

Upon clicking on "See Prizes" at the bottom right corner of your event screen, you can see the upcoming event prizes that are waiting for you to be unlocked. Here, for every 80 yards, you advance in the field, you can unlock one of the event Grand Prizes, among which you can find various high-rarity items.

This year we have also added Bowl Prizes! The Bowl Prizes' lane (the blue one) becomes available with purchasing the Event Pass, and you can do so at any time through the Event Prizes window! When you unlock it, for every 80 yards you can simultaneously receive one of the Bowl Prizes, containing even more rewards for your city!


That's not all! If you didn't have a chance to participate in our previous events, now you have an opportunity to claim some of those awesome past event items: The Colossus, Olympic Treasury, Sentinel Outpost, Terracotta Vineyard and many others!

Lastly, as always, you'll get to show off your progress to your friends and neighbors, by obtaining these two new themed portraits:


We hope you enjoy this year's event, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team
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Master Corporal
Here are the current stats for the Fiore Village:
Bronze Age1,300275120+19%+19%1,900252932
Iron Age2,240592192+19%+19%4,500253832
Early Middle Ages2,470908480+20%+20%7,400254632
High Middle Ages2,7601,275960+20%+20%10,400255432
Late Middle Ages3,0801,6731,440+22%+22%13,800256232
Colonial Age3,6202,1112,400+22%+22%21,000257532
Industrial Age4,0802,5814,800+22%+24%26,1002510332
Progressive Era4,4803,0807,200+24%+24%31,7002514432
Modern Era4,7903,61112,000+24%+26%39,4002520632
Postmodern Era4,9904,16219,200+24%+26%49,6002528832
Contemporary Era5,8004,74328,800+26%+28%64,6002541232
Tomorrow Era7,0405,34548,000+26%+28%74,8002555632
The Future8,4405,97776,800+26%+30%85,7002567932
Arctic Future9,8306,630115,200+28%+30%97,4002582332
Oceanic Future11,3407,303144,000+28%+32%109,8002594732
Virtual Future13,5507,997192,000+28%+32%123,000251,15232
Space Age Mars21,68012,658312,000+30%+34%205,500251,39932
Space Age Asteroid Belt23,56013,750432,000+30%+34%227,600251,64632
Space Age Venus25,45014,861504,000+30%+34%250,900251,89332

Deleted member 109369

Dear players,

We are making some balancing changes to the Fiore Village , that were implemented today, which means that a few attribute improvements will be introduced to the grand prize building.

Fiore Village Improvements
  • Level 8
    • Medals modifier increased from 1 to 1.1
  • Level 9
    • Random goods increased from 32 to 33
    • Guild goods increased from 25 to 30
    • Medals modifier increased from 1.1 to 1.3

We truly hope you like these changes, and we're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Forge of Empires Team

Deleted member 109369

Dear players,

We are introducing more balancing changes to the Fiore Village building on January 27th, and this time we are including Forge Points. You can find the details below:

  • Level 4 - 1 Forge Point
  • Level 5 - 2 Forge Points
  • Level 6 - 3 Forge Points
  • Level 7 - 4 Forge Points
  • Level 8 - 5 Forge Points
  • Level 9 - 7 Forge Points
  • Level 10 - 9 Forge Points
As always, we're looking forward to your feedback!

Please, note that we always try to introduce all the balancing adjustments while on beta, but live balancing changes can and do happen as well.

Kind regards,
Your Forge of Empires Team
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