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Already Suggested: Feature to replace damaged units

Feature to replace damaged units

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters



Add a button to "refresh" an army with damaged troops, replacing them with troops of the same type with no damage (if they are available).


Most players use 1-2 armies over and over again. Ideally we'd have a feature to store fixed army combinations, but even with that feature we would still want the ability to refresh an army with new troops rather than having to manually remove the injured troops and replace them with troops of the same type. It takes too long to do this manually and wastes player time on tedious chores rather than playing the game


The "Refresh" button could appear to the left of the "Auto Battle" button on the Army Management screen. Clicking it would replace injured troops with new ones from reserve without damage. If there are no undamaged units available it would be acceptable to either make no replacement, or to replace a damaged troop with a less-damaged troop

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Especially with the recent addition of battlegrounds, players are finding there is just too much tedious clicking in the game. Inno need to seriously consider usability improvements such as this to reduce the tedium of mindless clicking. There is no reason to force players to perform this task manually, it adds no value to the game, so I cannot see any reason why you would not just give us this feature to improve our game experience.


I agree this is the same idea. You might agree that the keywords are quite dissimilar to foil an admittedly brief search.


I agree this is the same idea. You might agree that the keywords are quite dissimilar to foil an admittedly brief search.
So I found it by accident???

Your track record of comming up with only ideas that have already been submitted makes me believe you did not search at all!