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Event Hub Feedback

Sly OwlBeard

People have the wrong idea I think about this...

This is basically just a fancy looking calendar that gives players a heads-up of the yearly event cycle & roughly when the next one will begin.
As a tiny bonus, if you finish an event, then get a minor bonus for your city for a few days for just doing what most of us normally do.

At the very least, it hopefully stops people from clogging up the forums & constantly asking when & what the next event/s will be. ;)
so we have lost an event milestone bonus because people dont know how to google something.
Yet another terrible update

Michael K.

It appears the Hub rewards do not stack (ie. Giving a Tavern Supply boost does no good. Just wasts Tavern silver). Am I thinking correctly?
Really don’t get the need for this. We have badges for event progress. If was to Be slightly less useless than it currently is, then bring in all the historical events we’ve participated in. Also show our results in each event. If we have badge info, i’d have assumed all this info is in the logs?


I too would prefer for this to be either scrapped and give us back a useful milestone reward, or unchain it from the milestone rewards and keep as an overlarge and mostly non-functional landscape icon.

Third option would be to make the buffs permanent.

These weak, short-lived buffs are pointless. 86% of the time this building does nothing at all. The 14% of time its active, its mostly doing nothing at all.


Although I'm on the side of those who dislike the hub in it's current form, it has the potential to become much better, especially if Inno listen to player suggestions.

Mine would be to increase the % boost each time a particular Event is completed, so for example, after next year's Wildlife Event (if there is one...) the attack boost would be 30%, then 45% the year after and so on. (percentages could change, of course)
Once it reaches 100% it could either keep going or give you the option to make it permanent, sort of a 'thank you' for participating in several consecutive Events.