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Display time to next collection

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    Votes: 1 16.7%
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    Votes: 5 83.3%

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When the 'collect all finished production' icon is not being displayed, display the time until it will be displayed.

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If the next collection is in 15 seconds I want to wait and deal with it.
If the next collection is in 3 hours I want get on with something else (work, emails, real-life, etc.).
At the moment I do not easily know when the next collection will be ready, I would have to look at each production building in turn to work out when this will be.
I do not want game notifications turned on on my phone.

FoE is monitoring production buildings all the time for the production of coins, supplies, goods and units in order to determine when to display the 'collect all finished production' icon.
When the 'collect all finished production' icon is NOT being displayed it could be replaced with an icon displaying a countdown to the next collection event (or possibly the time at which the next collection event will occur).
This would mean that players would not need to keep checking the game all the time to see if there is a collection event to process, they could get on with something else knowing in advance when to come back and check.

Visual Aids:

I do not think this opens the game to exploits or cheating.

Abuse Prevention:
I do not think this opens the game to exploits or cheating.

This change would enhance the game by allowing players to know in advance when they need to check the game.
Currently, players need to frequently visit the game to 'see it anything needs doing', annoying when there is nothing to do.


I just use my phone alarm for my 24 hr collection. If I want to collect certain buildings I just use that. Having a timer would just highlight when marble gateways etc are due to end which I don't really care about.

I know you mention you dont want to use app notifications but they're there to do what you want to do pretty much so theres no need for a timer.

Theres also that ongoing bug that's been here for years which means if you leave your phone logged in occasionally all the collection times end up way out so the timer would be no better. (Actually happened today to me after a good while of not happening, buildings showing 1hr left on collection when they had been finished about a minute or so)


It displays the time to next collection when you click on the building. You can also set your settings to tell you when productions are ready via app notifications (excludes residentials and I’m pretty sure supply productions. But everything else dings your mobile)

So while in theory you could suggest to have a visual popup saying “here’s when the building with the lowest time remaining will finish”, you do currently have a notification option for that.