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City has half showing and half the start screen

- Ellie -

Master Corporal
I have an issue as to when i first load the game and also when i go out into say Gvg maps or Ge and then return to my city many times all i see is half my city and half the start screen at the beginning of the game, the one showing the Arc picture, I have tried disabling hardware acceleration to no avail, removed cookies, cleared cache etc etc. this is on Greifental.

My computer shall then sometimes freeze and I have to refresh the game and then it may be fine, any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Amy Steele

Hi EllieMaycor, thanks for your report! Could we please ask that you fill in the bug report template, found here (click), so that we have all relevant information about your account. You can edit your post by clicking 'Edit' at the bottom of the post, thanks in advance :)

It would also be helpful to us if you can manage to post a screenshot of the issue

- Ellie -

Master Corporal
Hi, unfortunately I cannot catch the actual picture of the arc because it disappears far too quickly to use print screen, however, I have managed to catch the frame when the picture disappears and leaves a blue box... Also, not sure if it is one of my settings because if i click on the forum link from outlook which opens in a new tab, when i come across to my city, the screen is also broken in two pieces as shown.



I have same issue for a couple of weeks. Firefox, flash
City screen freeze but 10 buttons in bottom right work. So I switch to tech tree or continent map and then back to city to update it without refreshing the page.
Last edited:

Amy Steele

Could you both please make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%? The only way I've been able to reproduce this so far is with the browser zoomed out

Amy Steele

Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce this issue. If you still experience it, please do let us know by posting a new bug report, thank you :)