Anyone wanna join guild?


My bro, bro in-law, and I are looking for players to join our guild. Simple requirements are as follows: be daily players, must be in Early Ages or later (I am in the colonial age 2 away from industrial age), willing to trade goods, and motivate/polish everyday each other. We try to build our perk goods only so we can maximize trading. Don't be shy send a message. ;)

My player name is the same nrpd10267
Guild: Nuthouse

Romang III

As your guild only has 3 so far, I would offer the 3 of you membership in Chillaxed II. We have people from Bronze Age up and our specialty is helping one another by regular motivating/polishing, trading, advice to newer folks, and contributions to one another's GB's. We have a tradition that no new GB started by a member has ever taken more than one day to reach first level. After that it depends. but the first level is the most important. No presence in the GVG wars so far--maybe in the future. We are mainly building up one another. I'll send you a friend request and you can reply if you are interested in talking about a guild merger. Otherwise, I am OK with motivating/polishing your buildings in exchange for the same.