Unformatted: Access to GB.


I would like to suggest that player who is on my ignore list could not access my GBs as well, not only he couldn't send a message.
My concern is that most 1fp markers don't help afterwards, when they leave neighbourhood, they just disrupt planned development while are looking for unearned reward.
I'm spending a lot of additional days trying to find proper donators for proper reward.
Thank you.


I have tried to explain that approach which is based on my experience. Every one is allowed to donate, just some players are making cheap and thievery thinking to gain unearned reward. Lot of cases I'm forced to stop my development to look for others who are willing to donate proper for good reward. What Agent327 is saying implies that every one is looking for that stealing way. It's not. Most players are fair. I have spoken with my good donators, they agree that 1fp markers are rubbish.
Thank you, OVERTYPE for reminder, I'm kind always, I thank for donations. And my donators NEVER overpaid for each spot, because I manage filling-in by putting Fps by myself.

Richard of shaw

This is just as silly as the fluffy bunny moaners that complain bout being plundered. You have started a GB and its open for everyone to profit from unless on your friend list or in some cases your guild. If ya don't like it than just don't have any GBs. Simples!