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Recent content by joesoap

  1. Guild Forum Removal Feedback

    Or maybe players have realised that regardless of their concerns or opinions inno are just going to do what they want so commenting is a waste of time
  2. a way to know who in guild read msg

    we have the option of marking all guild messages as read without ever having to open any of them, so an indicator saying a player has read it means nothing
  3. Arc kit available out there?

    big players in big guilds do both, and growing arcs in the guild are so convenient
  4. Arc kit available out there?

    guilds with players that have level 80 arcs also like to help players get arcs as they can make a lot of profit on them while they are growing
  5. Mobile Chat Feedback

    i didnt know that either so thank you
  6. Mobile Chat Feedback

    this is the reason players shouldnt keep asking for things, inno will eventually give them what they want BUT give it in the most annoying way ever chat works perfectly well on the pc but app players wanted it too & are now complaining when they get it the guild forum works perfectly well on the...
  7. Unformatted: Decrease Attrition in GbG

    there is already a way to spend diamonds & get rid of attrition altogether, or maybe not decrease it but reduce the chance of it increasing
  8. Mobile Chat Feedback

    on my laptop, chat takes about 1/8th of the screen in top right corner & the size of it can be changed, i tried it on my phone & it does take over half the screen
  9. Mobile Chat Feedback

    The chat screen is far too large & takes up far too much of the screen
  10. Rumblings from the bottom of the barrel

    this thread just seems to be so some1 cant retell stories they think are interesting...but arent
  11. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    this forum is a bit similar to the ingame guild forums, not every1 reads or uses it, a lot of it is nonsense that only means something to a few players (mostly those that have taken time to post it) but there are a few bits of relevant info & some1 from a guild will check threads & posts & it...
  12. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    i would just have to live with losing my guild forum as i wouldnt have a clue where to even start doing something like that & given the way the game seems to be headed i'm not sure its worth the time or effort learning
  13. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    postponing the removal of the guild forum isnt as good as cancelling its removal but its a welcome move, thank you
  14. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    my solution to that was that we kept all the info on the guild forum, when new players joined (whether they were app or browser) we opened the forum & copied & pasted the basic guild info/rules to them if players asked questions about other game things then again some1 opened the forum & copied...
  15. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    Please tell me what in-game alternative is available that has the same functionality as the guild forum