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Recent content by Emberguard

  1. Emberguard

    New Bug: Sleigh Builder not giving goods

    You can report here *but* we don't have any tools to check on the forums what's on your screen. Support would be able to check if anything was added to inventory If you can get a screenshot of the goods being picked up that would be handy
  2. Emberguard

    Plundering is actually stealing

    Your diamonds didn't buy the production. It bought the building. The building didn't get destroyed or taken away. You still have it Highly doubt it'd be outright removed simply because of all the mechanics that tie into that game feature. You'd have to introduce a major game overhaul and...
  3. Emberguard

    Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    How do you plan to police that? What would be the exact criteria? How are you going to distinguish between a slow Guild, a Guild holding off for strategic reasons (in a full blown war. ie: trying to get the timers set to their advantage), a Guild picking which fights they can win and a Guild...
  4. Emberguard

    Athletes living quarters

    It was good back when it was first introduced. Got powercrept
  5. Emberguard

    New Bug: Images

    Have you tried clearing cookies and cache?
  6. Emberguard

    Is Renaissance Villa worthwhile?

    It’s useful until you run out of space and find it’s your weakest available residential / cultural building. The building stats depends on the age the building is in. But you’re probably not going to keep it for long
  7. Emberguard

    Maybe send a PM to the CMs requesting forum account deletion? @Lady Marlena @Naranique @hawknz

    Maybe send a PM to the CMs requesting forum account deletion? @Lady Marlena @Naranique @hawknz
  8. Emberguard

    Time to leave Forge of Empires

    Thanks for sticking around for 10-ish years mate :)
  9. Emberguard


    Are you clicking in the part of the custom box where the text appears?
  10. Emberguard

    New Bug: Screen zooms out much further than normal

    Could be in preparation for a new age? We’re getting pretty close to running out of grid space for expansions. So that’ll likely require zooming out the map more to fit more expansions.
  11. Emberguard

    New Bug: Screen zooms out much further than normal

    I noticed that too. Not sure I'd consider it a bug, but I suppose it could be
  12. Emberguard

    More guild levels needed

    Well they'd still get the permanent ranking points from it.
  13. Emberguard

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    filters disappear when there’s nothing to show. I still have the trade filter. I suspect if it’s not showing for you that just means you haven’t had any trades within the last however many days. (5 I think?)
  14. Emberguard

    Battlegrounds negotiations diamond rigged or just bad luck ??????

    Ah! Ok that's a bit different then from what I thought the OP was saying. Inno has stated that'd be the case in regards to negotiations for the new Guild Battlegrounds map back in November on the Beta server...
  15. Emberguard

    New Bug: Pirate's Hideout issues !

    If they do I think they should do so on everything that doesn't involve diamonds, just for consistency rather than being only on that one building