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  1. iconic999
  2. Amill Halgal
    Amill Halgal LadyHecate
    Hello are you playing on Langerdon alone?
  3. LadyHecate
    Knowledge without wisdom is like a sharp sword in the hands of a child!
  4. Sovereign
    Sovereign Olaf Trygvason
    Yes, we got your entry. Thanks, and good luck!
  5. elfish lad
    elfish lad
  6. -=Krabis=-
    -=Krabis=- Aurelia the Mighty 136
    NoPay diamonds misses you :) Since i know forum messages are tagged to e-mail, i hope this one reaches you :)
  7. Amill Halgal
    Amill Halgal
    Taking care of baby Cape Caneveral
  8. Pink.Buffoon
    Rain Forest Project or Saint Mark's Basilica? Any input appreciated
  9. ih8regin
    MmmmmMMMmmm... burnt network equipment.
  10. elfish lad
    elfish lad
    MmmMMmmm.... cold coffee. :-)
  11. elfish lad
    elfish lad
    MmmmMMm.... cold pizza.
  12. sooby
    sooby Lady Marlena
    hi lady haven't spoken for a while would like to know when inno are going to put and end to the constant cheating that goes on in this game i mean the land dropping for points i know it doesn't break any rules but it gives nobody any chance in the towers because of all the loaded battles that they fight just go into AA you will see for yourself
    1. elfish lad
      elfish lad
      Wait... what? Saw your comment. I’m interested. What do you mean by “land dropping for points?”
      Feb 14, 2018
  13. Amill Halgal
    Amill Halgal
    cats, cats, cats
  14. DaegonDrake
    Looking forward to the next event
  15. Amill Halgal
    Amill Halgal
    Love these sushi-cats haha
  16. Amill Halgal
  17. Vesiger
    Virtuously refrained from plundering my neighbour's terrace farms after defeating him in PvP - I hope he appreciates it!
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  18. cm99
  19. lastwarrior1955
  20. Emberguard