Wolfhound Wants You!!! :3


Guild Name: :DWolfhound Lvl 15 and wants to keep growing:D
Leader(s) of Guild: Lady Catt; joffreidr_beinir; Grimwall
Requirements to Join:

1. Have over 100,000 points.
2. be an active player.
3. Participate in GE.
4. Have and Observatory (GB) or be willing to put one in the mud (help will be provided).
5. Engage in Guild messages.
6. Conduct Fair Trade. We have resources up to the Tomorrow age.

Why we rock: 8-) Because we are a friendly & supportive guild that wants to grow, make friends and grow ingame. 8-)

if you are interested please submit an application :P
As you can see in the uploaded image we are a very GE focus Guild that gets results even when its just a few members participating in Guild Expedition. Thats is why we want you, the GE terror-killer of savage hordes, with your help our Guild will grow exponentially and YOU with it.

Don't be afraid, you're just 1 application away from changing your FoE GE experience, come join us NOW. :)



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