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Viking settlement quick guide


Focus on expanding. Unlock every goods needed for expansion, then produce all the needed goods. Create a ticktick or other todo list, you will need multiple times.
  1. Build huts, remove roads and build two axes, start 4 hour prods
  2. Extend your settlement with 1 and 5 axes, remove 1 axe smith build shrines.
  3. 12 axes for thirds expansion.
  4. Unlock mead
  5. 5 and 12 mead for the 4. and 5. expansion
  6. 6 replace huts with 4 or 5 houses
  7. produce horn
  8. 5 and 12 horn for unlocking 6. 7. expansion
  9. replace shrines with markets (3 should be enough)
  10. Unlock whool
  11. Don't forget, you have to produce 10 more from every goods.
Feel free to correct me, i will adjust.


It depends on the obstacles and your luck with the multiplier, but in my experience always ehead of the time by 1, 2 days.

Paladiac the Pure

I would disagree with a few things you have here.
First off, the Production that opens 3 expansions should be Mead or Horn - it all depends on how much Mead is required to unlock the Hut and Beast Hunter.
Replacing shacks with huts is more important than opening the expansions after Mead is unlocked, since you can increase population and increase space, so you build a couple more shrines
Also, what is very important to watch the whole way through, is many goods do you need for the next 2 or 3 unlocks, because it may mean you should be building a 2nd Mead, or 2nd Horns, and generate enough resources to unlock 2 or even a 3rd tech all at once.
If you have a town that has very few Axes required though-out the entire Settlement, you may want to increase Axe production so you have all the Axes you need, and then demolish them, making space for other buildings.
What you wrote, is a very generic work schedule, but it really depends on what production items are needed, and when, as to how you should proceed. I generally have 3-6 days still remaining by the time I finish my settlements.