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Useful FOE Tips

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Here you can post things that others including myself may not know.
Similar to the clickable zoom icon on the task bar, you can do PC emotes in chat simply by pressing the windows key and full stop together.

Please share your tips!


When advancing through eras its sometimes better to wait for a few weeks or more to accumulate resources. The later your era is the longer your waiting period should be.

Waiting ensures you can fill out your tech tree as quickly as possible. During the waiting period collect all or most of the required good amounts to instantly unlock skills. If possible collect Forge Point Packages and store them in your inventory. Additionally, you can 'load' the next skills in the next era with forge points but leave them unlocked so you can open 2, 3 or 4 in a matter of seconds.

That's about it really. Don't move on to new eras too fast, it leaves your city weak. But when progressing through an era's tech tech, speed is key.


If you get boxes (like the one for the spring event) giving goods, it might be helpful to wait with opening, if you do not need the other items being in the box.

The goods might be helpful if you changed era (and need goods), or if you are in urgent need of goods for a quest and no help is around.


Do as many story quests as possible, dont neglect the continent map, get advanced units asap, for fighters build Zues,CdM,CoA and Traz asap, get a rogue hideout, dont waste goods negotiating, join an active guild, ask questions and dont move up an age unless you can solve 48-64 GE encounters, Complete as many events as possible, take your time, dont suggest new ideas in the forum its probably been thought off already and be in the Dns section.. have fun