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Update Update to 1.257 Feedback


FoE Team
Community Manager
Hey there everyone, the next update will deploy on Monday, May 22nd. Read the changelog here and post any feedback below!

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
My game just updated to 1.257 in browser version.
I didn't get a fragments tab but I did get the idle building icon when I
don't have any idle buildings


Warrant Officer
Same here. No Fragments tab, but an Idle Building warning every time I return from the colony or settlement even though there is no idle buiding, and the only way to get rid of it seems to be reloading the game.

[sarcasm]Great job, guys, great job! Annoying us with all the pop-ups when we collect from certain buildings wasn't enough, so now we get annoyed by a false Idle Building warning, too! Yay![/sarcasm]
nnoying us with all the pop-ups when we collect from certain buildings wasn't enough
Yes. All the popups are still a disrupting nuisance when we sweep multiple buildings. It doesn't really make a big difference that we can now close the popups by clicking anywhere on the screen.


New update broke the Wildlife Event questline for some of us; you get a blank questgiver on last day if you have not completed the quests.
The new update causes all the birds in cultural settlements to fly sideways. East and west OK . North and South they fly backwards and any other direction they fly sideways.
Update - The birds on the main screen also fly sideways
2nd update - No birds fly from the abandoned asylum
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Dogs breakfast, indicative of a couple of things. 1) Cut back in costs through either reduced testing time or reduced testing staff. 2) Company is really not listening to their customers. 3) Company has no idea about testing and release mgt to production/live environments.

Side note - I've removed (put in to store) all the elements that give me pop up "congrats" messages upon collection. That includes Golden Orrery, Archdruid, Trees of Vitaility or whatever they were called. This has had a minimal impact on att/def but maximum impact on manually collecting, which I now do without interruption, nice and calm.
Those annoying pop ups are being introduced more becase they want you to hit the 5 diamonds "collect all now" button. The idea is to do get you to buy and spend as many diamonds as possible. I used to use that 5 diamonds button and purchase/spend diamonds, but all the changes have made me go the other way now - I don't spend a single one if I can and I certainly don't buy any more. In fact my playing has become more limited - not doing events and only doing the bare minimum now - I"ve other interesting games and things in life to keep me busy. I'm just keeping it ticking over really - if nothing gets better in the next few months I'll just pack in completely.
It's surprising (and liberating) how peaceful your day becomes when you set everything up for once per day collection and don't even think about the game for remaning 23.5 hours.
Those annoying pop ups are being introduced more becase they want you to hit the 5 diamonds "collect all now" button. The idea is to do get you to buy and spend as many diamonds as possible.
How are you just now arriving at that? Just saying it's been annoying for some years stopping up to 10 times while collecting city because of the 100 FP limit on collections. Long before popups interrupted city sweep collections, FP limit of 100 did. Now there's fragment popups as well as the constant "can't collect FPs!" popup.

Yeah the solution they want you to use is pay the 5 diamonds to collect all (I refuse on similar grounds as you, I just been peeved about it longer, it also messes up Blue galaxy and recurring quests to do that) or the other solution that should have been put in place for everyone is behind a Forge Plus paid monthly subscription which raises the FP collection limit to 1000 FP. Pay up or be annoyed, pretty clear message to players.

An Hobad

Thank you for the fragments tab! This was a very much needed thing!
Agree, but now the inventory makes no sense - items that are rarely used are at the top, and the things we use most often are jumbled way down the list in no discernible order. The remaining inventory should have been left in the same order, with just the fragments removed.

DJ of BA

It seems this is a good idea that has been badly implemented, why can mobile players not disable this feature yet PC players can apparently, To view a particular building and its fragments on one screen is now impossible, so having to jump between screens, also now when I win fragments The red tab which indicates a extra or new entry in inventory is missing so I have no way of checking that what I won is actually in inventory, the disorder that has occurred in main inventory is frustrating, perhaps adding a variable sort button would have been more useful, I now am clicking and typing more not less, I realise a lot of players wanted this change, but not sure they wanted it so badly organised or implemented, the main inventory should be just that, a Full list of everything including fragments, in a organised sensible order, a variable sort would then allow a player to view certain parts of the inventory or hide those parts they do not want to see, that would have been useful.

Update, must have had a glitch as the red tabs have now started appearing in all inventory lists including fragments, might have been because I hadn't re logged in since the last update was installed, now have done so it seems to be working, however, the disorganisation of the inventory is just as bad and does need sorting out
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Spartan 117

This wasn’t needed at all, the search function was already implemented long ago and having a separate tab has just made it worse
Don’t know why you listen to the whining players who are too dumb to do a simple search!


I like the separation, Didn't really matter where fps are you can just click on a GB to get your total if you really need it.

I don't build any buildings that give you fragments as a reward, so it's nice not needing to look at them at all now, they can just stay ignored, out of the way.


Editing my post so it takes the format of feedback rather than sarcasm.
There are more urgent things that need addressing in the game, and those have been around for a longer time than this. The fragmentation and what it’s done to the inventory is a relatively new one but could and should have been addressed way before any complaints, i.e. when the idea of fragmenting the game to this degree was raised. Now we once again have a half-baked solution to a problem that is purely of developers’ own making, and one that has created even further problems; the inventory items are now divided over two tabs, which are not immediately connected. You also don’t see the new fragments or items at top of the tab after you have collected/assembled them, they appear somewhere else entirely and you have to go look for anything new. This needs fixing more than we needed the tab.
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