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Update to 1.17 - The Modern Era!

  • Thread starter DeletedUser12086
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Introducing the Modern Era

Dear Kings and Queens,

Recreate the Rock 'n Roll vibe in your city as Forge of Empires grooves into the Modern Era. Wartime upheaval brings new skills and strategies to the battlefield, while a new refined goods system brings old goods from earlier ages back into play.

Are you ready to take on powerful new enemies and expand your empire?

The Modern Era is coming to your game world on Wednesday, January 8th.


  • 96 new story quests
  • This is by far the longest story quest line for any age until now
  • Fly to the Far East and land in a continent that spans over 11 new provinces
  • Meet the mighty Hisao Hito that leads his empire through a successful war
  • The newly conquered provinces are administered by the cruel general Ishiwara Katsu, driven by a secret agenda
  • Deal with Rin Gozen, a woman warrior of legendary fame
  • Plenty of choices need to be made that not only impact the outcome of the story, but also the rewards given
  • Different story outcomes depending on your choices
  • Plus 56 new “normal quests” (that can be aborted or skipped) and 11 new “recurring” quests
  • It is the time of Rock and Roll – help Rinbin become a Rock Star
  • How does Mandrubar deal with becoming famous?

We hope to see you there!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires.

The Forge of Empires team.

Changelog 1.17

Modern Era
  • Send Paratroopers into battle that jump down and surprise the enemies (New skill: Rapid Deployment*)
  • Crush your foes using Battle Tanks
  • Fight on new battlefields that look like tropical beaches, featuring palm trees and sand hills
  • Master the all-new, refined goods system: Use old good deposits and old goods to produce the new ones in new buildings!**
  • Research 18 new technologies, including “Hollywood”, “Commercial Aviation” and “Baby Boom”
  • Construct new buildings to recreate a 1950’s vibe in your city
  • Produce movies in the Film Studio and make your people happy by placing an amusement park in your city
  • Get ready to collect blueprints for the towering Space Needle
  • Choose from 12 new Player Portraits of the Rock and Roll era

* Rapid deployment skill - Starts the battle in a random location towards the center of the map and acts before any other unit.
** Refined goods - Goods from previous ages are required in order to produce Modern Era goods. To boost goods production, a different goods deposit from an earlier age is required.

Other Features/Changes

  • It was previously possible to participate in the PVP tournaments before unlocking the tower. This is no longer the case.


  • Vehicles sometimes drove sideways after turning around corners on 2x2 roads. This behavior no longer occurs.
  • Quest slots could be overlapped by premium collection icons. This has now been fixed.
  • Using a FP package triggered a quest to buy Forge Points. This no longer occurs.
  • Some issues with accepting/cancelling friend requests have been fixed.

Discussion thread


Dear Kings and Queens,

We would like to also inform you about an important change which erroneously missed from the changelog. This change is regarding GB and wishing well production and applies to Modern Era players. Please note that earlier ages are not affected by these changes. You will only notice a difference when you enter the Modern Era.

When you enter the Modern Era, goods-producing GBs and wishing wells will not produce Modern Era "refined goods", but will produce Colonial Ages goods instead. This is not a loss, as the Colonial Age goods can used to create new refined goods.

We would like to assure you that the change is intentional, and is designed to enhance gameplay and provide additional challenge. With every new age we release, the game designers aim to enhance and change at least one part of the gameplay, and the extension of Forge of Empires to the Modern Era is no exception.

I apologise that this change was not in the original changelog.

The Forge of Empires team.