Unacceptable behavior


In case some of you did not see this low life private mail members for ROM and HB:

To all ROM/HB Players.

I am just writing to you guys, as I have had a few old Mates inbox me (from Machines) saying they not happy with the type of fighting going off in ME……

I will tell you right now, most guilds on EN was pretty Disgusted to see ROM and HB land grab behind OOTB:D when they was more or less ghosting (with main guild) to get to our old footing in ME… (South East)

We took some Risks and we also got bugged from the game on 3 different attack times… … OOTB have always been our enemy and always will be on this game…. The old OOTB use to fight with honour and at least some kind of fair play (we did not always agree mind)

SJAX and Sell out sweets are so far up OOTB:D they are just doing as they ask…. We now have a situation in ME that an enemy “we all had” is DEFENDING your Sectors you got from the removal of our sister Guild (AS) BY OOTB:D. Players that’s in GVG and enjoys fighting, should probably feel ashamed of getting OOTB:D to back you up/Kill sieges… we see ROM and HB dropped sectors for OOTB Daily now

All you guys are now, is another Gear in the works of OOTB Guild….. ROM, use to be machines when I was there about 18 months ago… it was also AA sister guild…. Like AS today was OOTB:O (OOTB sister guild) Machines left AA, to become UFG sister guild was only cos of 3 Leaders in the guild wanted it….

HB was always on the fence, but once all the allys fell apart, guessing Sjax got bored so had 2 weeks ghosting with OOTB in ROM and Carnage and made some new mates…….The Ghosting agreement is still in place, and AA currently have Only 1 player out of the guild (Trader) and none lent to us.....As we see right now, OOTB:D got members in OOTB:R, HB,ROM and been in carnage and any others we have not spotted. The Lengths they will go to to get and hold rank 1 - is one 1 hand Very low, on the other hand Desperate...

It Would have been nice to have 2 big guilds battling it out…. But instead they take and drop Sectors to keep siege cos low…. (they Don’t want to do the hard work of farming goods) Aka how can a guild with 30+ sectors at a siege cost of 2200+ each good Per siege (11,000 Total) take back and Strike an enemy that’s paying less than 100… (500) its just NOT do-able.

We at AA will stay the course and we don’t need to rope in other guilds into our plans…(Yes our sister guild will help when it can).OOTB:D need ROM and HB to be Shield’s (buffers) and pawns when needed.

If you guys are Happy being OOTBs Puppets, then maybe stay in your guilds…. But I know a lot of you WONT know what’s going on in GVG and also a lot of you will only know one side, AA is not whiter than white, we have had to make counter Ghosts to Hold back, or punish main guilds when them Said Player have acted out…..

Anyway if you want any more info from the other side…. Let me know, I am pretty sure some of ROM and HB will NOT approve of the way their own guild is being used……

Now you see Hawr/Chuck Coming south in ME….. (X -Ufg / X- OOTB) in a way its Quite a good feeling knowing OOTB need 3 guilds to stay on a map, and 4 guilds to remove us….

ROM and HB is fully controlled by OOTB now, if you dont like Show u don’t support this!! There is always 3 sides to every story…. Ours, theirs and the truth…!!

Happy gaming ;)
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Sending messages like this to entire guilds to try and break up guilds is unacceptable behaviour. Hellebore & RoM today, who knows who he will try and alienate tomorrow. Show your support and fight back against AA
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What’s the problem with my Mail? It’s either got no truth in it (so don’t matter) or it’s got a bloody good point and your offended… ?

The fact is I have been contacted by a few lower Point players (from my friends list) saying they not happy with OOTB:D Leading them… and the Tacs being played in both parties (AA and OOTB) is unfair…

*** 100% agree with that, this is a really bad way to play “but what do you expect…??” you will get back what u give***

The mail is not to break up Guilds, it’s to show Clear the 2 guilds in Question are being used by OOTB:D….i have had 11 reply’s… 8 been Hate mail, others been “Meh or Don’t agree with it but what can we do?” if players are NOT happy with it ofc they can Leave guild… or stop giving goods, stop fighting…

20 members ish in both I sent, Not the top 10 in each cos they 100% Lost the plot and don’t even want their own guild anymore, AA is far from dead, but my god if this is how you all wish to carry on playing…. 1 guild attacks all and 2+ guilds hold Wall/sheild and give goods/Defense Land Grab when dust settles…..We cannot follow you down that path….

I been here nearly 2 years… and you still don’t know how to take me….unlucky. I call a spade a spade, and what I see is 2 guilds that want more out of GVG without fighting and OOTB want fighting with less of (Boring stuff) Goods farming…

You think AA loves getting 10,000+ goods in an age to take 1 sector ??? (for only one siege) no we don’t, but we grind for it…. you can hate me all u like… I am not here to be liked. But AA is full of great, fun, honest players….. PLAYERS don’t get Made to join AA, most of us asked to join and it’s a good laugh.

Tell u something…. Seeing OOTB:D rush up from South to help u guys out…. Bought a tear to my eye…..i also enjoyed the night we placed 19 sieges on ROM HQ…. with 80 waves at 75%... and all 3 of you was killing our sieges, and getting in the odd Defence in…….. got you to 4 Waves… and it bugged…. Maybe one of most closest calls of GVG so far…. “That was fun tbh” (till we got bugged)

As for the title * The most delusional player in East-Nagach * Thanks… .. I like that…Have fun Guys….

Its only a game ;) ..

love u all Trollslayer xxxxxx

PS... all bugs should be fixed by Thurs :)
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