Tripper Trading Co. Recruiting

Tripper Trading Co. Is a level 18 guild - we are always happy to welcome new members - no matter what stage of the game you are at beginner or veteran..

A little info on the benefits of the guild..

Level 18 gives you 2 Forge Points from your Town Hall each day when you collect your Taxes.
A 10% reduction in troop recruiting time and 10% reduction in troop healing time.
A 4% reduction in coin and supply costs for all buildings in your city.

We have a great trading group with a range of ages - so trades are picked up quick and are available Forge Point free..

We have a range of threads to assist with Great Buildings - whether they are 'in the mud' - or you are looking for Forge Point Swaps to keep them moving - we offer 5 point - 10 point - 20 point and 50 point swap clubs.

We are a GE guild and participate each week in the tournament - and we regularly open level 4 when it is needed..

We ask that all members complete Level 1 of the GE (16 encounters) and are prepared to assist with trades for negotiation or advice for troop formations.

Around 75% of our members have an Observatory (GB) to donate to treasury on their behalf each day - and we actively encourage all members to have either an Observatory - Atomium or Arc - all members are expected to assist other members to establish these GBs. We ask that if you don't have one of these buildings that you make a weekly donation to the guild treasury - of at least 5 of each of your era stock and 5 each of your previous era stock.

If you would like any more info about TTC - you can ask here - or get in touch with me in Mount Killmore (Amanda Thinks)

We would love to welcome you as a member at Tripper Trading Co..
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