Thors hammers recruitment - Dinegu apply now


I am pleased to announce Thors hammers a top 3 guild in Dinegu are recruiting.
We are accepting requests for players to join who will benefit from 5 fps per day from the town hall, reduced build times and costs in our fun friendly guild.

Terms of application
Must have at least 250,000 in points

Be active in GvG

To apply email Male2069


Following a cull we are recruiting active GvG players, we offer a top guild and fun times, fair trade, help and 5 fps a day from a town hall, apply in dinegu central


Welcome back to Thor's Hammer's
To long have we sat idle,..
We're back!
Currently recruiting new an active bloodlines to join us
We currently offer the following;
1350 daily prestige
Reduce Heal time by 27%
6 Daily Fp's
Reduce Coin & Supply Cost by 13%

500K points
Level 5 Observatory
Level 5 Alcatraz
Level 5 Arc
Particpate in The Grand Expedition and/or Guild vs Guild.

If you meet these Requirements please fill out the application below.
Post it here on the forums or In game addressed to the Leader,Council an those with title for processing.

Application form

Name :
Rank :
Battles Won :
Daily Resources :
Support Pool :
Daily Crowns :

Attacking Percentages;
Offence %
Defence %
Defending Percentages;
Offence %
Defence %