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The SeaWolves Worlds recruit on Brisgard


We are the Sea Wolves..
Originated on Dinegu in 2013, we spread widely across all FoE worlds..

Simetash & Wolfclaw count among the SeaWolves Co-Founders, playing with us on Brisgard, as a few others members from other SeaWolves worlds..
I'm Yug 69, as Yug69guY on some forums. Yug Stands for me, as 69 represent the Ying&Yang interlacing..

I'm Co-Leading the Brisgard SeaWoves, with Simetash, Lysander the Wicked 25, & Ferdinand the Cruel 219.
Are implicated as well all senior members, spreading as Captains & Ambassadors, then as Warriors, ranked as the amount of GE completion they reach on a regular Basis.. They can play from Brisgard only, as from other worlds as well, until they complete their pre-arranged share of GE, on a long term regular basis..
The SeaWorlds offer cooperation on a larger scale, as the introduction of new trusted members from one world to another. That new trusted member can there receive unlimited help, like for example pre-arranged goods xchanges, to be able to build the best Gbs right from the start, plus Obs & the "Essential 4", from EarlyMA (as in my City ..) and all sorts of tremendous advantages..

On Brisgard, we spread from EarlyMA to the Future, for now..
We are now level 12, but recently fast growing (were level 9 only 2 month ago..) and hopefully even faster with this little advertisement..
We are a Friendly & Helpful Bunch of 30 active members, welcoming new active hands, as old dogs who wld like to join with a laid back, still competitive Team.
We are these days targetting Gold or Silver on GE.

We are very much focusing on Gbs, with active Swap threads for Fps, 5, 10, & 30 , plus one for Obs only..
We are as well running the **BuildTrust** thread, levelling Gbs with simultaneous Fps contributions, and "chain-levelling" a few in a row when the FocusList is Active.. Very efficient & fair levelling process, for little committed group, around 30 members & 8 guests for now..

We will get into GvG asap, and would like to include more members, to our already nice Warrior Pool (GE, GvG, Tournaments..) as Ambassador delegation (GE as well, Negociating, Trading, Recruiting, as Visiting allied Guilds, if & when needed, for a GE week or more.. ), and other trusted key positions..

We could welcome, as stated above, any Active new hand, willing to commit to some GE completion, as more advanced players, looking for Swap partners, GvG successes, and the Mightiest Accomplishments..
We could welcome more particularely any player from Modern or PostModern Eras, with a decent Obs, Arc, or Atomnium, as we regularely have to trade those ressources for Guild Treasury.

Feel free to contact me, as Yug 69, or any CoLead & CoFounders mentionned above, and we'll be more than happy to reply to all, and see from there.. You can as well apply to the SeaWolves directly, or wait for an invitation to join automatically, like between GE..

Thx for reading, Merry forging to u all,
and long live FoE..!!!
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