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The Red Court - Jaims

  • Thread starter DeletedUser109749
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If you are Looking for a Guild which works like a Real Family.............The Red Court is for you

1.The Red Court is a team of more than 75 active Players, more than 60% do GvG and all the Players take part in GE and also we are ranked in Top 10 (The Rising Horse of Jaims)
2.This is a Team of Veterans,New Players,Fighters,Traders and the main Thing - The dedicated TEAM Players.
3.If you want to be a part of this TEAM
Contact - LAND OF FIRE or any of the Council Members of TRC
4.We are emotionally attached with each Members so we expect the same from you
5.Even you are Busy in your Real Life, we all will organize the things for you, You just Relax and work for the TEAM.
Because We all are for you....................

(Majordomo,The Red Court,Jaims)

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This is our recent Mission cleared, we took 20 sectors in two days in AA Province from our Enemy Guild, We are not a Team of High Ranked Players But there is a Contribution of each and every player, We fight like a Team, Atleast 20-30 Players are available at the time of attack as i told you we are Rebuilding our TEAM
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34.Fabulous Zongo, Take a look at his no of fights, He is just in industrial Age,He even doesn't have Alcatraz but his hardcore fighting attitude is unique,You can't beat him...these are the players of The Red Court
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Seats are Currently Open, If you are a TEAM player, ready to do anything for the team,You are the right candidate for the The Red Court. Even you are in iron age , you are free to apply, we will help you to reach the Glory!


We didn't had any sectors on the iron age Map but our Lower Ages Fighters did it for the court and grabbed the sectors from the enemy guild and now iron age GvG Maps looks like this,couple of NPCs are still to take------->




We Fought very Hard,even our fighters during their work time fought the battles but due to the lags of AA Map.There were almost 50 fighters used to be present at the time of reset fro this war. This is itself a record.
Even our enemy used to place siege before we try to fill DAs, this is totally the down side of the map, we had more than 10 players ready to place DAs but all unsuccessful, it was not worth to use our time for no fight due the Map crashes and lags so we decided to take back our team from the map.

I want to thank our enemies who basically formed a new guild named B.o.B, Due to this war, we got more fighters.......tnks Mob,Cher

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These days in the guild championships for a 70-80 members guild, even 66% is not safe for getting gold each week , Another silver for the Court


After All ups and down .......We are back to our work -At Rank 3 Now