The Hateful Eight wants YOU!

Discussion in 'Cirgard Guild Recruitments' started by pargiuk, Dec 30, 2018.

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    Dec 30, 2018
    if your out looking for a guild with active players then check us out.
    we don't give any stress to compete in the guild expedition.
    we would very much like to open all levels of the guild expedition treasury permitting
    all we require is for you to be active and use the threads we provide if you like.
    we have
    points swap threads 5 10 20 50 and 100
    great building in the mud
    trades needed (if they are fair they will be taken)
    great building levelling
    guild vs guild news
    we are a friendly bunch of English speaking players and wish to grow the guild to about 30 to 40 members
    we want big hitters who dont want stress and new starters who will be coached.
    we are 21 strong at the minute and our highest guild rank so far is 38TH
    I and my team have 4 years experience and do not want stress.
    any new starter will be encouraged to get an arc and will be helped out with the goods at cost price.
    all leaders will be on the guild management thread and will have a forum to air views
    The Hateful Eight