The Green Celts - a rising guild to watch for

Discussion in 'Dinegu Guild Recruitments' started by Fierce Claire, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Fierce Claire

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    Mar 11, 2019
    Leadership - Sir Laudanum

    Hi! We'd like to invite you to join our guild, the Green Celts. We are a well established guild - been around for more than four years - and are looking to expand our membership. We particularly welcome players who are new to Dinegu or to FoE itself, but can also give more experienced players the chance to get BPs for later era GBs and to advance these quickly.

    We offer good fair trade opportunities and our members support each other by regularly aiding each other and contributing to the leveling of Great Buildings. We are at level 26, 135th in rank in Dinegu, with a prestige level of 650 - the key thing for you is that membership gives you three FPs each day in your town hall.

    We have a couple of rules we enforce pretty rigidly. First, every member must aid (motivate or polish) every other member of the guild at least twice each week (a pretty minimal requirement actually). Second, all trades between guild members must comply with some simple "fair trade" rules (similar to those used by a majority of guilds). We also expect members to donate one FP to every new GB which members start to build.

    If all of this sounds like something you would like to be part of please apply to join or contact Sir Laudanum. I hope we will be welcoming you into the Guild soon!