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Confirmed: Tavern status incorrect on Friends Bar

On the Friends Bar, the icon and tooltip for Friends Taverns is sometimes incorrect.

The icon is either a chair indicating the Tavern for that friend can be visited, or a timer indicating the Tavern for that friend can't be visited currently. Hovering over the timer icon gives one of the tooltips "You already sit here", "Tavern full", and "Come back in..."

However, in up to as many as 20% of cases, this status of the friends tavern is incorrect.

The condition of the icon showing a chair is the most obvious, since that is the one users click. There is a bug report on that. I am raising a separate report to cover the issue of where the status is indicated with a timer but is wrong, which might or might not be related.

  • The status might be showing as "Tavern full" yet clicking on it allows me to visit the Tavern, which is not full, so the correct status should be a chair with the tooltip "Visit Tavern".
  • The status might be showing as "You still sit here" when the Tavern has actually been cleared. Sometimes, the correct status would be either "Come back in..." or it should be a chair with the tooltip "Visit Tavern".

Note that visiting a tavern which has the wrong status does not change the status to a correct one: it remains in error.

(I have not noticed where a status of "Come back in..." has been in error. Possibly, this is a lack of data, and time spent on it.)

Refreshing the page, or logging out and back in will sometimes clear the condition, but doesn't seem to always get them all right. This could simply be a timing issue, though, in that by the time I've checked the full Friends List, there has been time for some statuses to become incorrect.

This is showing on Arvahall. I've tested with Chrome and Firefox browsers on Linnux and Windows.

Last event, people were complaining about how hard it is to fulfil the 'visit x taverns' quests. Much more so than usual. I now suspect that this problem has been around a while, and is causing quite serious game-play issues in that people don't think to click on icons that say a Tavern can't be visited.

The only work-around seems to be to ignore what the status says and always click on every icon. I have often found I can visit at least ten taverns which are showing with the timer, at least twice a day.

A potentially related bug, which could be a part of this report:
Cannot visit some taverns despite the "visit tavern" icon


Yes it is known, if you visit the city of the tavern you want to visit and it will un-bug.
at least till the fix it


i usually logout and log back in before doing anything with the social bar guild / friends / neighbourhood

historically (since 2012) the updates for the social bar have always been a bit haphazard, usually updates within about half an hour if left, but the timer also drifts off quite seriously, can be showing 5 to 10 mins to go when logged in for a couple of hours or more and checking the status. log out and back in and voila , the timers are set correctly, as it reads the data from the server again, and must read the system clock at that point too.
bit duff really considering most devices have a quartz clock in them which it seems to ignore for the social bar,
for a while the timer drift was also happening for other buildings, but they fixed that