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Spot the Difference - Week 4 October

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Can you spot the 5 differences in the pictures below? Let us know in your answers below!
You can either upload an image or describe the differences




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BigDaddy O

my differences are:
1. candle missing on stone next to skeleton (on the mountain with the face)
2. extra button on shirt
3. extra bird next to spire
4. colour of nose on pumpkin (one is yellow, one is green)
5. candle between pumpkin and tombstone (looks like this one has been moved from #1 above)



1. Candle on top of stone smiley face is missing in bottom picture
2. Candle to right of pumpkin near centre at bottom part of screen is missing in top picture


Tricky one this time; I believe the render of the changed image has skewed a few colours across the whole image. This is damaging since colour changes are one of the things you guys go for;The colour of the candy (?) on top of the lower right pumpkin changes significantly, as does the moss under the (scarecrow??) left foot. I believe these are not answers, but I could easily have thought they were; indeed I actually ringed the candy before changing my mind.

That said;
candles added on branch on left
third button on waistcoat removed
Pumpkin at bottom nose changed to green
candles at bottom removed
1 bat removed from swarm to left of tower (!)



2 candles don't appear in the bottom right, 3 candles don't appear in the bottom middle below the gravestones, pumpkin nose is green below the man, missing button on the man's waistcoat, missing bat to the top left of the asylum
Not open for further replies.