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Spot the Difference - Week 3 September

  • Thread starter DeletedUser104881
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Spot the 5 Differences between these two pictures:
FallEventTopNewswith shield.png

September Difference.png

FallEventTopNews - Spot the Difference answers.png
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The fruit in the cart is red in top pic and green in bottom pic

The standing woman's hat is black in the top pic and blue in the bottom pic

The flower beside the standing woman is purple in the top pic and browny in the bottom pic

The cottage has a front window in the top pic but not in the bottom pic

The moss at the front of the house, above the standing woman, has white flowers in the top pic but nothing on the bottom pic

BigDaddy O

attached image shows differences circled in red
1. small arch window in house is missing
2. colour of fruit in wagon - green compared to red
3. ladies flowers are purple compared to red
4. band in ladies hat is blue compared to black
5. white flowers are missing from the section above the lady



White roses by door missing on one picture

Colour of the apples changes

Lupins in garden, one orange other is purple

Semi circle Window in thatch is missing

Band around ladies hat (black/blue)


colour of apples in cart changed
window removed from thatched roof
flowers removed from ivy over lady's head
colour of ribbon on lady's hat changed
colour of flowers changed next to lady
september difference answer.png

Crazy Biker

Warrant Officer
1 The apples in the cart are green in bottom picture
2 White flowers missing above ladies head in bottom picture
3 Pink flowers just to the left of the lady are red in bottom picture
4 Window missing from side of house roof in bottom picture
5 The ribbon around the ladies hat looks black in the top picture but blue in the bottom picture
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