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Space Age Venus

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

We are proud to present a brand-new Age — Space Age Venus (SAV).

The Space Age Venus starts on April 15th, 2021

After exploring the Asteroid Belt, mankind was able to obtain the resources necessary to survive and create more spaceships. However, we now have a problem with our food supplies. Due to increased demand from population growth, our food supplies are strained and new sources are required to maintain our outposts throughout the solar system.

Our renowned scientists were able to adjust the DNA of different plant species, in order to generate a new sustainable food source, and thereby produce even more than before. Nevertheless, these plants require way much more carbon dioxide and nitrogen to keep growing, which leads us to our next outpost: Venus!

Venus has an atmosphere rich in Carbon Dioxide, perfect for our scientists to split the gas into breathable oxygen and carbon. Through splitting, we can refine our genetic engineering of food stuffs. But do not expect to have an easy journey, as these are unclaimed clouds, and the space law only legislates on the surface of a planet, but not on the skies above.

The Space Age Venus age brings you:

  • Your own colony in the clouds of Venus!
  • 50 main story line quests
  • 45 side quests
  • 15 recurring quests
  • 9 new Avatars
  • 7new expansions
    • 3 premium expansions
    • 2 tech tree expansions
    • 1 campaign expansion
    • 1 victory expansion
  • 24 new technologies to research
  • 2 new residential buildings
  • 5 new military buildings with 5 new units (+ Champion)
  • 5 Goods Buildings – Synthesizers
  • 2 new workshop buildings
  • 2 new culture buildings
  • 1 new decoration
  • 2 new streets
  • 1 new Great Building

The colony:

The new cloudy outpost at Venus becomes available upon researching the first technology on the Research Tree. Please keep in mind that unlocking this new technology, will grant independence to your previous colony (Asteroid Belt) and give you access to a new one (Venus). With this transition, SAAB’s outpost will be closed, but its campaign map as well as the story quests will still be available to you. Although, you will not be able to access SAAB's outpost anymore, you can still produce goods from this era by unlocking SAV buildings from the Research Tree.

Once you reach the Space Age Venus, your new colony will be accessible through the same Spaceport in the outskirt limits of your own city:

Space Age Venus Town Hall
Spaceport to visit your colony

Upon arriving at the cloudy vistas of Venus, you will be faced with an unfamiliar view, something you have never seen before on Forge of Empires. Although we are now living in the clouds, it will still be necessary to build roads (or better yet, 'a Horizon Path') in order to place your new floating buildings within the Venusian vista. We hope you are not afraid of heights!

To obtain the new goods that will advance you through Venus, you will need the help of your colony as always. The new goods buildings will be built in your colony during the Venus age (as you do not yet have the possibility to synthesize them in your main city). In the same way, you needed Asteroid Ice to advance through Space Age Asteroid Belt, you will need Venus Carbon to refine it into the goods. Unlock the exploration sites on the campaign map to obtain Venus Carbon.

As you know, one of the most important resources in your colony is still your Life Support. You will notice it on the upper left side of your colony and it provides a bonus to your goods production. To help your colony to become more productive and successful, you will need to place Life Support buildings like the 'Gas Station', 'Cargo Platform', 'Maintenance Ship', and, 'Gas Tank'.

New Great Building:

Great Building - Flying Island ( 4 x 6 )

The Flying Island is a technical marvel constructed with the help of all space outposts to celebrate their independence. The building creates Mysterious Shards in Cultural Settlements for you to discover. This ability provides you with a chance of spawning a Shard reward in your active Cultural Settlement from time to time. These shards can be common, uncommon or rare, and by leveling up this great building it will not just increase your chances of spawning a shard, but also increase your chances of getting a rare one!

New Units:
With the exception of the Champion, all units have Keen Eye. Thus, all units have a 30% chance to double damage while attacking another unit at any given time.

Steel Fist
Energy Cannon
Ghost Blaster
Power Dragon
  • Steel Fist
    • Heavy Melee - This unit has a Reactive Armor skill that prevents Steel Fist from taking more than 4 damage per attack.
  • Energy Cannon
    • Fast - This flying unit cannot be attacked by artillery units, and it ignores terrain when moving.
  • Ghost Blaster
    • Short Ranged - With the Blast skill, it gains attack bonus for each field closer to the target, while ignoring stealth from enemies.
  • Power Dragon
    • Long Ranged (Artillery) - Ignores most defensive skills and terrain with a Power Shot skill.
  • Observer Drone
    • Light Melee - The Observer Drone can hide on Broken Grounds
  • Champion
    • Champion - Gains attack and defense bonuses when it's the only unit with Chivalry in your army.
    • Besides that, the Champion grants attack and defense bonuses to all friendly units when he gets killed.

Let us know what you think about the new era and its setting, as well as all the new content. We're looking forward to your feedback! :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

The Forge of Empires Team
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Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
The mysterious shard is one of the six rewards you can get from a rare shard. If you get a mysterious shard in the Vikings or Japanese settlement, you will receive 300 random goods of your age. If you get the mysterious shard in the Egyptians or Aztecs settlement, you will receive 150 forge points.

You can find more information about potential shards from the Flying Island's Great Building in the table below:

  • 20 forge points
  • 25 random goods (current era)
  • 25 random goods (previous era)
  • 10 light units
  • 10 ranged units
  • 10 heavy units
  • 10 artillery units
  • 10 fast units
  • 2 blueprints
  • coins
  • supplies
  • 100 forge points
  • 200 random goods (current era)
  • 100 random goods (previous era)
  • 10 rogues
  • 8 hour rush mass coins
  • 6 hours rush mass supplies
  • mass self aid kit
  • 5 blueprints
  • medals
  • one up kit
  • renovation kit
  • store building
  • Mysterious shard
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