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Sons of Liberty


Come join this small yet very successful Guild. As of this writing, we have 15 members. Yet, we are one of the top 20 Guilds in Jaims. Our Global Ranking us currently 17 out of 400. We are looking for active players.

This friendly, fair trade guild is intended to help players advance their city through forge point swaps and advice. We have a 1.85x Thread to quickly advance an Arc from Level 20 to Level 50. At Level 50, you become a member of the 1.9x B/E Thread.

The Guild Expedition is very important to us. We have won 79 First Place Trophies, 17 Second Place Trophies and we open Level 4 of the GE every week. We are also very active in the GvG and are recruiting GvG players.

We have 12 Arcs and 12 Observatories feeding the Guild Treasury. Donations to Treasury are voluntary.

1. Treat all guild members politely & with respect.
2. All trades must be fair (same age 1:1, all others 2:1 or 1:2)
3. All guild members must complete Level 1 (16/48) of the GE. There is no GE requirement for Bronze Age members.
4. Answer messages, be active and Aid your Guild Mates daily. Aiding Friends and Neighbors is voluntary but highly recommended.

We want active players who Aid, Visit Taverns regularly, and participate in the Swaps, GE and GvG. All inactive or unresponsive members are purged.

Our guild is open to all active players by application.


Dragon Bard

Hi, I realise it was several months ago when you posted this and you might not still be looking for new people, but I've played alone up to LMA and would now like to join a guild. I probably have all sorts of bad habits but I'm very active and could definitely be relied upon to polish and motivate etc. daily in general, although I do sometimes need a couple of days off if I'm away from home - rarely!

I'm really not sure how the guilds work .......

I don't particularly like fighting (particularly because lately all my armies are wiped out in an instant and I have no idea what it is I'm doing wrong), but I would do so if necessary and I had a bit of support. I'm also fed up using forge points to get goods but most of all not having access to many goods other than those being offered by merchants!

Please let me know if you'd be interested in having me as a newbie member and don't mind a bit of handholding to begin with!

Tacitus the Lion 575