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Event Soccer Cup

  • Thread starter DeletedUser4727
  • Start date


I think there will be two more batches of 50 energy drinks as daily rewards.
Right now, in 14:28 server time,it shows to me that there is 1 day and 20hrs of event left. In 9h33min there should be new batch as daily reward. Then there will be 1 day 11hrs remaining. That is why I think we will have totally 100 more energy drinks as daily reward.
@twomsuk @Amy Steele @Pyro Psycho, can somebody confirm me if this is correct?

Thomas Covenent

I'll have just over 2.7k drinks to aim for SoK's by the time the daily turns over...
Hoping I can maybe make a 7th goal w/out diamonds, if I keep getting lucky & having Billy 'Buildings' show up almost every other pass! ;)

My other city on J-world got hosed by the player selections.
Had stupid Aaron 'Special Buildings' show up seemingly every freaking time! 6 goals made there, just barely, and only 173 drinks left...


Because people keep scoring goals until the end of the event and quota for specific league is fixed, so amount of goals needed for specific league raises if more people keep score goal.
Gold league - 1% of players
Silver league - 5% of players
Bronze league - 20% of players
The Bronze League is very sketchy. Both in Arvahall and Houndsmoor there are zero players in the Bronze. For example in Arvahall you need 2 to 5 goals to land in Bronze and the 6th goal lands you in the Silver League, Bronze is skipped :D


I've searched and can't find anywhere that lists the rewards for each tier at the end. Either I misread it in the inventory before I clicked (entirely possible), or I didn't correctly get everything and need to file a ticket. Can someone tell me the rewards for silver, or point me to a list I'm missing?

Edit: Never mind. After closing the forum and reopening the game, there they were. Note for anyone missing your forge points after opening your rewards package, refresh.