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Riddle me, Riddle me, Riddle-me-ree


How about a thread of riddles? Perhaps with positive rep for the first person to guess the answer. It would be better if the riddles were not off Google...

It need not be limited to riddles I suppose - brain teasers etc. would be welcome. All the better if they're of your own invention.


1) A new riddle must not be asked until the previous riddle has been answered.

2) The answer to the previous riddle may be given only when the Riddler desires (***evil laugh***), but don't keep it secret for too long if nobody can guess it, or it gets boring. Say if 10 people request the answer it must be given?

3) Positive rep must be given by the Riddler to the first person who answers the question. No negative rep for wrong answers though.

4) If the riddle is not your own invention, please quote the source after the answer has been given.

5) Riddles should make sense.

Not a rule, but positive rep could be given to the Riddlers for good riddles of their own invention that nobody guesses.

SO here's how it could go:

User 1: Flora killed several thousands of people without mercy. Afterwords, Flora disappeared and was never seen again. Yet the police never pursued her. Why was this? (SOURCE: Off the internet)

User 2: Gives correct answer

User 1: Yeaaah, positive rep for you.

User 2 (or 3 or 4 or...): Here's my riddle...

SO to start off things,

I've asked this before and nobody's guessed it yet - why is 362880 such a nice number? :)
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Billy the Fish

If you like factorials, then it's the highest factorial possible from a single digit base number. But does that make it nice I wonder?


Close enough...don't really care that it's the highest though, just nice and complete and divisible...

All I wanted was for someone to point out that 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9= 362880


Well done. Have some rep.

Ask your riddle if you wish.


What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night?



As a baby (morning), they crawl on 4
As a kid/adult (afternoon), they walk on their 2 feet
As a senior (night), they use a cane plus their two feet (3 in total)
(I have either already heard that one here, or just have been asked it so many times :p)
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call me thick if you like byordie but i wish you would put an explanation into that spoiler as i am trying to work it out ??????


Well, here's another:

A giraffe and a swan go out for pizza - which one should get the bigger half of pizza? The giraffe with its longer neck or the swan with its longer beak?
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heres one for you
my dad had a peacock and it caused a huge row with the next door neighbour one day, as it had layed an egg in his garden, the nieghbour clamed it was his as it was on his property and my claimed it was his as he owned the peacock
so the row was who owned the egg ? my dad or next door ?


1. What can you serve but not eat?
2. What gets wet the more it dries?
3. What has two hands, but cannot grab anything?


It's my bachelor party and I've spent most of my money. To thank the organisers, I give 15 cents to one of them, and 10 cents to the other.

What time is it?


It's my bachelor party and I've spent most of my money. To thank the organisers, I give 15 cents to one of them, and 10 cents to the other.

What time is it?
With no correct answer given, I shall reveal it to you in the spoiler below

It's 1.45am
Or "Quarter to Two"
10 cents + 15 cents = 25 cents or "a quarter"
I gave it to 2 people.
So a quarter to two

I nominate Jampots to give the next riddle