Rhapsody is Recruiting


Hi there. We are looking for a couple of new members to join our guild. Would you like to discuss joining us here at Rhapsody?
We are a helpful, friendly and active GE guild, all 4 levels open each week, and we usually get first place! We ask you to finish level 1 as the minimum and with your ToR (temple of relics) you will get some great rewards. We also participate in Guild Battlegrounds and are currently at gold level.
Check our guild bio for more info...we accept fair trade Goods only (unless a deal been made)...FP (forge point) swap threads...there is an mandadatory 3fp to all new GB (great Building) to help each other build the GB.
Our Guild recently levelled up to level 29 and our Town Hall produces 3fp a day, We get a 16% recruitment bonus and 7% building rebate.
Please contact myself or The Builder of Cities for more info and to apply to join this brilliant Guild
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