Re Supplies


HI All

I badly need more supplies as I cant build anymore buildings or troops and I have no goods, can anyone tell me what I can do thanks guys:D


... you need to wait for your existing supply buildings to generate enough supplies to allow you to replace them with more productive ones. balancing coins/supplies/population/happiness/military is the central challenge in this game, so check out the excellent ideas in the "guides" section of this forum, and have fun :cool:

you may also want to post a screen shot of your village - maybe seeing the specifics would allow people to offer some advice


I've found i struggle with supplies going into the EMA after the Iron Age. On Cirgard i basically depleted my army to build supply buildings to recover. Ive just reached the same stage on Dinegu but i done the last researches in a way that would allow me to build up my supply and resources before hand. I had 60,000 when i unlocked Frame Houses just building them has taken me down to 8000. I know that still seems a decent amount but for EMA i don't think it is. Thankfully I decided in advance to wait till i get Shoemakers before any more upgrading so i think i've got about 2 days before spending any more.


I have the same sort of issue.
IVe been stuck on 19 suplies for 24hours now. its not going up?

Ive got 2 huts, and 2 hunters and a pottery.
For some reason it doesnt seem to go up? just stays at 19?

Any ideas, am i doing something wrong?


@Vantheman: You need to schedule production in those workshops. Click on them and send your hunters out to produce some stuff, then come back to collect it in time. Same for the pottery. This should have been explained in the tutorial.




Aaah... but ofcourse... i must have def been sleeping when reading the tutorial.

I thought the income was auto generated.. but not al all then?