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Questions - February 2020 - Week 3

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110603
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There are 5 questions below, can you answer them all?, post your answers below

1/ What year did Alcatraz cease operations as a prison?

2/ What James Bond Film features the Himeji Castle?

3/ What significant event occurred in April 2019 at the Notre-Dame Cathedral?

4/ What real world city is the Chateau Frontenac in?

5/ What Great Building from the game features on the Italian 1 Euro cent coin?

1. 1963
2. You Only Live Twice
3. Fire occurred
4. Quebec
5. Castel Del Monte
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1. 1963
2. You only live twice
3. A Fire
4. Quebec City
5. Castel de Monte



1/ 1963.
2/ You only live twice.
3/ There was a fire.
4/ Québec, Canada.
5/ Castel del Monte.

Have a good day!


Answer No 1: March 21-1963.
Answer No 2: You only live twice 1967.
Answer No 3: Fire broke out at the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Answer No 4: Quebec city.
Answer No 5: The Castel del Monte.


  1. 1963
  2. You Only Live Twice
  3. Fire
  4. Québec City
  5. Castel del Monte

BigDaddy O

1. 1963 (21st March to be precise)
2. You Only Live Twice
3. Massive structural fire in the cathedral
4. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
5. The Castel del Monte


1/ 1963
2/ You only live twice
3/ Fire broke up in cathedral
4/ Quebec city
5/ Castel del monte


1. 1963
2. “You only live twice”
3. Fire destroyed the roof
4. Quebec
5. Castel del Monte
I will directly post the answers.

1. March 21, 1963
2. 'You Only Live Once'
3. April 15, 2019 fire broke out at Notre-Dame and severely damaged the castle.
4. In Quebec city.
5. The Castel del Monte


1. 1963
2. "You only live twice"
3. Fire
4. Quebec, Canada
5. Castel del Monte


1- March 21 1963
2- You Only Live Twice 1967
3- April 15 2019 a structure fire broke out beneath the roof of Notre Dame
4- Quebec city, Quebec, Canada
5- The Castle del Monte


1. Ceased operations as a prison in 1963
2. "You Only Live Twice"
3. Fire broke
4. Quebec City
5. Castel del Monte
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