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Not a Bug: Quest numbers.


Im not sure if this is a bug or not, or just a poorly placed quest. I got a quest to research a building which I was nowhere near ready to research yet so I clicked abort in hopes of getting something better, (which I did, got a jester quest which gave me 25 diamonds) The next quest though was for something even farther down the research line. If once we cancle a quest is it gone forever? It would be nice if there were some way to come back and get a quest which we passed over before. Now I seem to be out of quests after skipping over the research ones. I still have the basic storyline quests like scouting and attacking and all. Is there a very limited amount of quests to do or have I encountered a bug with getting new ones?
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you just need to take your time with the quest.

You have unlimited time to do the quest, and i will STRONGLY suggest NOT to skip them.
Both because of the rewards you get, again unlimited time, dont need to hurry.
And because as you say, the all follow a line/story through the game. So its not a bug, i just think you need to wait till your gameplay reach the appropriate quest line.


I think this is not a bug but simply a choice each player has to make for themselves. I think the possibility to not go back and do old quests makes the skip option a very tactical choice. For now this issue will not be changed. If I see further complaints about this issue we can reopen it.