Prometheus Recruiting




Prometheus was the Titan that created mankind and it's greatest benefactor. Stealing fire and giving it to mankind.
He was a teacher who believed that by learning we grow. We follow that ethic as a guild and help anyone with questions be they in our guild or not.

We are a casual GvG guild so great opportunities to learn as and when you like. Main thing is, it remains fun :)


We are currently level 23 and rising fast.
The guild currently provides:
2 fp a day from townhall
12% reduction in recruiting and healing times
6% reduction in coin and supplies cost for buildings


Must show respect at all times to other members. We are all real people after all.
1 fp to any new GB
Fair Trade
Must aid a minimum of 3 times a week
Inform leadership if you will be away from guild for more than 7 days


We are currently looking for fighter, farmers and members who want to take part in GvG.
Contact myself, afghan67, Regcrux, HarryBosch, Azalin ii, Umopepisdn or KaiserRoll for further information.

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