New Guild looking for new members

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    Are you a new player looking for an active and dynamic Guild?

    Are you a player stuck in a Guild which is stagnant?

    Then search for Albion Traders in the Guild List.

    The Guild's mission is to provide a friendly, dynamic group of players who help each other progress in the game by:
    • helping members obtain the Goods they need to progress.
    • helping members get a reward from the FPs they use to level Great Buildings by swapping them with other members
    • polishing and motivating other members buildings and visiting their Friends Taverns, if they are Friends as well
    • and generally helping out with suggestions and advice
    Guild Expeditions are a necessary part of levelling the Guild so that the members can gain benefits. Members are encouraged to get involved with the weekly Expedition as much as they can. Since every member shares in the benefits gained by levelling the Guild, it is only right that every member contributes what they can toward the levelling process.

    Guild versus Guild competition is not something the Guild will be taking part in. So, if you feel the need to get involved in this activity then this is probably not the Guild for you.