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New era military units


I switched from EMA to HMA on Tuesday afternoon. I knew that from then on the buildings that produce military units (Town Hall, Dojo, Governor's Villa) would give me units according to the era in which I am. However after two harvests I have no HMA unit. Does anyone know what the problem may be?
They give units from the age of the building. You need to use a reno or 1up kit on them

Don't know about town hall, units from emissaries should be automatically updated
Reno will only be your probably problem with the Gov Villa and Dojo, as they would only produce military units of whatever age the building was still in at time of collection. Town Hall automatically ages up to the new Era as well as units {only if you have the Unit Emissary(ies) selected}. If you did have the proper Emissary selected and have done a couple of collections, but no units (unattached only) available, then you may have an issue for Support to review.

Btw - if your Villa and Dojo were only one age back, it is best to use 1-Up Kits instead of Reno Kits, since Reno kits can upgrade multi ages at once, whereas 1-up (as the name itself implies) only ages one Era at a time - of course, only best if you have 1-Up's in inventory - or hope your 7 day Daily chest award will give them to you,