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Neighbourhood Lurkers


I'm sure this topic has probably been covered over the years but it could be headed under anything and as a new player going through the ages one thing is quite apparent to me. There is always at least one or two if not more neighbourhood lurkers; the players that hang around for what I can only assume is years in the same era. Not always what some people would call bullies but obviously when their buffed armies come calling you have no chance of winning and very little chance of revenge either as most of their cities usually have over 100% buffs to their troops. I also know that playing the game at lower levels affords you certain and sometimes considerable advantages and each to their own I suppose.

Setting aside all the childish comments of 'get good' and 'its part of the game' etc and that is fine so long as the playing field is level. It puzzles me that the developers of the game have not taken any action to either move these lurkers on or impose some kind of penalty upon them as from the group of 4 friends who started this game I am the only one left playing. Essentially the main reason why everyone else quit was a very simple and yet altogether disheartened reply of "Whats the point."

They were all referring to of course the lurkers and the imbalance they bring to the game. In their limited experience of rising through 5 or 6 ages they were unable to obtain any of the top five or six medal slots due to the lurkers and were constantly returning to find their goods plundered which in turn hampered their ability to take part in Guild Expeditions essentially limiting their growth and progression capabilities. The game is fundamentally unbalanced essentially by the way the Great Buildings have been implemented into the game and the unlimited amount you can have.

There is of course the two fold monetary argument to this in that the longer serving player will still, I assume, dip into their pockets every now and then to fund the developers and this is probably a stable income vs the possible income that new players may bring into the game. You could almost argue the developers actually encourage the lurkers as it will undoubtedly encourage some players to spend money on diamonds to compete with the lurkers.

It amazes me how competitive people are who play this casual browser game and once you peel away the city building aspect there is hot bed of competitive guild vs guild activity with battles and feuds bubbling away.

I noticed the developers carried out a Q&A earlier this week; sadly I was working and unable to pose any questions to them. I wonder if anyone raised any of these points or indeed have they been answered by them over the years.

Posted with curiosity