Neighbourhood bar shows 25h as how long I need to wait to attack


Second Lieutenant
  • World: East-Nagach
  • Browser and Version: 0.13.8690 (02.08.2012 12:25), Bartimaeus46 (248037), en5, en_US, WIN 11,3,300,257, Windows 7, Chrome/19.0.1084.56, 1920x965
  • Overview of the bug: I attacked one of my neighbours and returned to my city. In the neighbourhood bar, where it tells you how long you need to wait before attacking again, it said 25h
  • Screenshots:
  • How often this occurs: I've only noticed it once
  • Urgency: Not urgent
  • Preventative Actions I suppose I could have waited longer before looking at my neighbours bar, but that would only mask the problem, not solve it.
  • Summary: It changed to 24 hours after a refresh. I'm guessing it rounds up wait time before displaying it.
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Of course. Couldn't find any.
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods?: I just found another 'bug'. The link that you're directed to is for grepolis. oops :P
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That is odd indeed, I have not had this happen, lol. When you refreshed, did it ever correct itself?


the 25 hours atack time apears only if u atack players from the tower ranking list immediatly as the countdown from there allowes you to

i belive it is 60 minutes difference between the clock from neighborhood and the tower clock to atack ... or the neighborhood clock count the residual minutes as an hour ... in fact u having 24 hours and x minutes until u can atack again


I think it was just a refresh issue, I have not been able to reproduce this, and believe it is a one time mess up. I will leave this report up as, "Can Not Reproduce" so if it happens to anyone else, post here with some more screenshots. Thanks Bart.