Fixed: my Korch Hagia


suport says it's not a bug but on my korch world and only on my korch world when i want to invest on my hagia i have to open it twice to be able to invest on it 1st time i open it my FP bar stays grey eaven if i have FP's on it have to close it and re-open to invest on it
to investigate further my room-mate opened his hagia on fr server he has no problem there so i went further in my investigation i built a hagia on my langandorn world on en server to compare with my korch world also on en server and on Langandorn no problem eather so this is world related i don't know why it does this and suport says they can't reproduce bug on their side
i had the same happen on my Langendorn world with my CF, i recall someone else also posted the same issue a while back, but didnt say which world.