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Messaging player from guild chat causes app crashing

  • Thread starter DeletedUser111589
  • Start date


App bug

World: tested only on Jaims, possibly on other worlds

Details/summary : I opened app, in guild chat was interesting offer for swap, decided to message that player, clicked on his avatar to get the menu through which direct message is possible. Clicked message button, app stopped responding for few seconds then it closed/crashed.


Do "any" people in that chat trigger app crash, or only one particular person? Is that person still in your guild? Etc.


Person still is in guild, the crash is triggered on random players and at random times. If I could predict the crash, I would record it.


Can you confirm if you must be first in a message thread? Or does the same happen when you click on an avatar in the social bar?


Is there a way of sending you a video? I have recorded the crash successfully.


I'm not sure if that's possible I'm afraid. Are you able to lists the steps I should take to try and recreate the issue?


Unfortunately not. Crash doesn't seem to have any noticeable pattern (and I'm not messaging players enough to find one)


Could it be a break in connection? Does this occur anywhere other than messages?


Nope, connection is good. When connection breaks down, I'm sent to log in screen.

Crash only happens in messages.


Please could you confirm the following steps so that we can attempt to recreate?

1. Open any message in the message thread
2. Click on a players avatar from within that thread and select message.

At this point your game closes or refreshes but does not take you to the log in screen on re-opening.


@Dudettas those are the steps, but to recreate it, you might have to repeat step 2 multiple times at multiple players.


I have not been able to reproduce I'm afraid, please do let me know if it is still occurring.