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Event May Day Event 2017



Dear Queens and Kings,

Do you still remember Hilde who organized the May Day festival last year? Time sure flies and she's back! This time she took her brother Halvard with her. Halvard knows a lot about maypoles, so if you help his sister have a May Day festival as good as the ones from her youth, he will surely reward you generously :).

Over the course of two weeks, from 27th of April to May 11th, Hilde will present you with a series of quests. There are 12 quests that you can do right away. Complete them and Halvard will grant you a new Maypole Upgrade item that you can use to upgrade your Maypole to a Mighty Maypole (2x3). Not to mention other goodies, like for example Renovation Kit.
Don't worry if you don't have a Maypole yet! You will get one right after completing the very first quest :).

Once you've already obtained your brand new Mighty Maypole, a daily-triggered questline will kick in. You will then get a new quest every day until the last but one day of the event. As there is a quest for every day starting on day one (but they will only show up after you've got the Maypole Upgrade item), you will probably have a few of them stacked when you get to them.
At the end of the daily-triggered questline, you will get yet another Maypole Upgrade item (and three boosts crates!). It will let you upgrade your Mighty Maypole even further and get yourself a Majestic Maypole (3x3).

Maypoles will provide you with happiness. The upgraded ones - Mighty Maypole and Majestic Maypole - will not only make your subjects even happier but will also give you a coins bonus on top (4-7% and 8-14% depending on age, respectively).


To upgrade your Maypole
, use your Maypole Upgrade item on the Maypole that is already situated in your city. Its upgraded version will be then placed in your inventory and the original Maypole will disappear from the city (note that the upgraded maypole will be from your current era, even if the old maypole was from a different one).
This new mechanic should be much more straightforward than the old one (known for example from our Halloween event), that required players to manually delete an existing building in order to get a new one.

We hope that you will enjoy this year's May Day Festival and we wish you lots of fun while getting even greater and even more magnificent maypoles :).

Good luck!
If you wish to discuss the event (which we encourage!), please do so here.

The Forge of Empires Team
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