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Iron age wars, guilds desperate tactics and unhonourable actions...


The 'Brothers In Arms' guild support fair and honourable game play! Although it is a shame that some other guilds in the Iron age wars, cannot do the same...

The 'Commission' guild actively transfers players to and from their shadow guild the 'wolfpack' to attack our lands at cheaper siege costs! This is because the Commission cannot afford the goods for the amount of sieges required to take our sectors, as we defend them! However the Wolfpack have taken 3 sectors off us last week and then leave them lightly defended for the Commission to take...If this is the only way the Commission can rise in the guild rankings, then shame on you!

Most disturbingly was last nights attacks from the Rebel Alliance who used the Society of Friends point leader Zazulak, to fight for them! Zazulak then transferred back to Society of Friends after taking 2 of our sectors. Both sectors were defended with 8 armies and it took them just 20 minutes to take the 80 fights for each sector...

Auto wins were obviously used but how can a smaller guild defend against another guild + a loaned player ranked 172nd, where his Statue of Zeus and Castel del Monte fully levelled up and his Cathedral of Aachen at level 9, which gives him almost a 90% attack & defence bonus?

I am the highest ranked in our guild at 1939th and enjoy a challenge and relish a good fight! Yet with players transferring from other parts of the map to attack another guilds sector? I thought the whole point of being in a guild and the wars, was to stay true to your guild, fight for it and the people within it! To progress your guild it required active co-operation and excellent teamwork, or so it once seemed...

Now there are two other divisive and unfair routes to take;
1 - If your sieges cost too much due to the amount of sectors you have already taken and are concerned that the next sector you attack they might fight back and you couldn't possibly afford another siege cost at these rates! Well separate your guild and start a new one, take your warriors and attack the sector at the reduced siege costs under a different flag. Then leave it lightly defended for your main guild to retake and once all the smaller guilds have been removed off the map, close the dummy guild and rejoin the main one...

2 - Or much easier hire a top player from another guild to join in your attack and get them to do most of your dirty work for you!

So am I reading the current GVG wars game play right are these actions the best way to promote this game..?

If this is how the game is going to remain, then it will be pointless for any smaller or new guilds to enter the wars! FOE will need to think of another way for smaller guilds to level up or this function and its bonuses will become obsolete for the vast majority of the fair playing, fun seeking guilds and players of the game.