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Do Not Suggest: introduce a GB to assist in CIty Defence

is this a good idea ?

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Introduce a New GB to gradually increase the player's defence army skill and intelligence.

defensive armies have been very poor for years. they offer very little resistance and are too predictable. an increase to their skills will offer a defensive player a real chance of defending their city without devoting half of it to watchtowers or ritual flames.

Create a new GB with link to army intelligence (langley, GCHQ, etc) . with each level increase how "clever" the AI gets

Visual Aids:

this GB will address and change the balance between attacking and defending armies. currently attacking players have a MASSIVE advantage when battling and even with a modest attack boost, a player can easily overtake a defence 4 times higher.

Abuse Prevention:
taper the increase of AI's skill so as the GB is raised the increases get smaller

in general, its too easy to break defence, and measures should be taken to make attacking and winning in PvP less trivial

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defence gbs are a waste of time and your resources
put spearmen as your defence
and collect every 24 hours
its only a waste of time/space/resource because the defensive army is super weak and stupid... thats exactly what my idea is there to address.
of course collecting every 24h is the way now. but some of us cant be at our PCs at that time every day

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