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In-game achievements

  • Thread starter Deleted member 118885
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Deleted member 118885

If you hit an important landmark in the game post it here (main world only)
Feel free to comment
At midnight on the 25th of july i hit 1,000,000 points


Thank you.

Sadly the guild I belong to is very casual, I don't think they'll unlock level II.
I would suggest you build a Temple of Relics, and then join a guild who unlocks upper levels. You can get some great prizes from the Temple (and from GE itself, although it's a lot more fun with the temple).

Deleted member 118885

Morning Harry. Continental breakfast this morning. Just a pain au chocolat and a cafe au lait, sil vous plait!

Ooops, crumbs in the keyboard!

Being a newbie, I wasn't immediately clear on the enormous benefits a guild can afford a new player. Membership of a high ranking guild provides daily forge points (plural), help from guild members donating forge points to level up your great buildings, members taking trades they don't want or need so as to help others.

My first guild membership is a bit of a disaster. Few members to aid, only one forge point per day, no help with levelling up great buildings, and no trade assistance. Then on a second world, while still just in the Iron Age and with a very small city I was invited into a major guild. All the other members are very advanced, but they help me wonderfully. I feel guilty about my pathetic contribution in the guild events! Cant imagine why they want me! They said it was because I play everyday.

Now I'm in the predicament of thinking on the one hand I should leave the casual guild, as it offers me nothing but access to the guild events and the prizes I can get there, but not wanting to desert them as that seems immoral!

What do you think, Harry?

You think I should shut up and buy another coffee, charming!
Join 420 spartans we are an very happy group :P
The founders are the #3 #8 on mount killmore and the top fighters