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Hood Re-vamp


Why oh why. I have spent the last 2 and 1/2 years with guys at the top of the hood who attack, plunder, have the ability to win 2 if not 3 of the tower events each week. It was like giving them the points.
Hooray, the hood change a few weeks ago took them all out and it became a fair hood, all the same level, #1 through #80.
Today, look whos back in the hood. The #1 now, has more than twice the point score of the #2. Are they friends with the guys behind the scenes? How can this be fair, revert back or watch the people leave.


Point scores does not mean the player is further ahead in any area of the game, hence why player scores are not part of the criteria for how hoods are formed


Points scores mean little, they merely indicate a player may have higher level GB's, a GB level up can score a few thousand points but certainly nothing like 50% of the current points total, another way to score points quite readily is treasury donations.

Pre hood changes I was top on points by some way but one era down on most of the hood simply through having a clutch of GB's at, or above level 10 whereas most had level 2 or 3. The #2 rank must have shovelled buckets of goods into his treasury as he eventually passed my total but made no real progress within his city or GB levels. I just had to add a few hundred goods and passed him again, points totals are not all they may seem.


there is now a new shuffle every 2 weeks

so who cares who is on #1 for 14 days