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HMA buffs for military units


Hi there,

I just joined the forum for tips and I am currently in the High Middle Ages with buffs of 67/69. I am scouting the LMA map and there is a Mount Killmore province that has 15% attack and defence bonus. My troops do not match that so should I wait to level up my Zeus and Aachen as well build the Castel Del Monte (8 prints!!!). I think only me bersekers do not match their great sword warrior in defence: mine has 27 and theirs has 29.

I have also noticed that I cannot scout any further in the Map. Do I have to age up or conquer everything first?

Also, I am planning to move to the LMA after fully levelling up my military GBs. What is the recommended buffs before moving up?

Thank you all if I am in the wrong thread, please can you redirect me! (I'm new)

Thank you again,

Nguyenrv09 (en12)


Hi, Nguyen!

1. In order to scout further, you need to conquer provinces.
2. Berserkers are not the units to fight against GSW. Heavy infantry are.
3. As for buffs, there are no written rules, but Zeus, Aachen and CdM to level 10 are rather mandatory and they will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Best wishes!


Okay, thank you!!
I have another question: Should I conquer everything I can because sometimes, the daily quests have a criteria that says 'acquire a sector on the continent map.' I am just a bit cautious to advance too far and not be able to go any further. Am I being too cautious?

I have also heard rumours that if you advance too far, your quests change and I do not want that to happen.

If anyone knows anything about this please tell me as all tips are appreciated!

And thank you to Nairpic81!


PeePee Pleb

I heard that, if you fibish whole colonial nap and don't sail with that ship, you will stop receiving "infiltrate/conquer sector" daily quests or event ones, but that's under big question mark.

klods hans

If you have unfinished provinces (scouted, but not conquered), you may get map quests as daily challenges.
You will not get map quests in events without an alternative quest you can solve.
If you scout the Las Penas province on the Industrial map, it will trigger a bonus questline. One of the bonus quests (Ruler of the Continent) requires you to research an Industrial tech (Modern Roads), which means you have to age up to Industrial to solve the quest.
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