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Guild Recruiting - Trade Republic

We are a level 55 guild that has been active for the last 3 years and looking to expand our numbers. We are a top 20 guild in Arvahall. We will take on anyone that is able to complete GE and is willing to be active.

First of all who are we?

We are a highly active guild that is focused on team work and active participation in Guild expeditions and guild battle grounds. We also focus on guild assistance for the development of each of our players. with our 1.9 sponsorship thread and having many members having a level 80+ Arc with more on the way. We are highly active in GvG and would love to have more players to join in the fun.

What can we offer?

Full 1.9 GB sponsorship none of these 1.85 or 1.8 threads.
A range of Forge point swap threads
A temple of relics boost program - help the new players gain their ToR's for GE
A Blueprint Sharing and levelling thread - For those in need of cheap Bps
Donation thread to raise the new GB's out of the mud (Level 0 - Level 1)
A active market thread
Active co-ordination in platinum level or higher in GBG (Due to our size we are top of plat bottom of diamond)

Also the usual guild benefits of 6 fps from a town hall, boost to unit healing and recruitment.

What do we expect from our players?

Active participation in GE, level 3 is the minimum on easy weeks and level 4 when required.
Fair trades,
Aiding of guild mates (Aid button is perfectly fine)
Donating to GBs in the mud, anything will do. You help them they will help you with your new GBs.
Have/or is working towards a Observatory or Arc as soon as possible
If you know you are to be inactive for more than 3 days please notify the leaders due to the GE requirements this is what we ask for. If you are unexpectedly away for a period of time you maybe removed if you are please message the leaders to be added back.

Most importantly be active and outgoing and join in with the community games we have in the guild.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join a growing guild then please message me in game for the quickest reply or reply to this post or on the message me on forums.

- posiden the Builder
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