Guide to Defence (Krestel's Guides No. 2)

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    After advancing to IA, you will have to start worrying about defence. At any time, one of your neighbours might attack you! In this guide we will be going through basics of defence and some defence strategies.

    1. The Defending Army
    The Defending Army is the army that you assign which will defend your city against attackers (your neighbours). To assign your city defence, go into Army Management, click the blue icon on the left hand side, and click on units you want to assign to defence. Just like the attacking army, there can only be 8 units in your defence.

    2. Defending
    Neighbours can attack your city at anytime, even when you are online. If you win defence, you are safe, because your defending army is revived back to full health after every attack. However, if you lose, your attacker has the opportunity to plunder one of your buildings to steal the revenue. Motivated buildings cannot be plundered.

    3. Terrain
    Just like in all battles, terrain is randomly generated. Sometimes the terrain puts your units on a huge advantage, while other times you are put at a disadvantage.

    4. The AI

    Your defence is controlled by the AI (Artificial intelligence). The AI works different to a human brain, and sometimes makes mistakes on controlling units. The human brain can usually outsmart the AI and win the battle.

    Defence Strategies

    The main advantage of the defender is that his/her troops are hidden until the battle begins. This can be used to pull off good strategies to surprise your neighbours! Below are some strategies that I recommend:

    1. The 8 Artillery Defence
    This is a really annoying defence and unless your attacker uses fast or light units, it's hard to lose defence. I am currently using this strategy and it works really well.

    2. (EMA Onwards Only) The 8 Mounted Archer Defence
    Despite sometimes making lots of mistakes, the AI is super good at controlling Mounted Archers. If there are very few rocks on the defending side of the battlefield, the AI will usually bring the Mounted Archers over to the attacking side and attack the attacking troops on their first turn.

    3. The Light/Heavy - Ranged/Artillery Defence
    This strategy is somewhat good, considering that the light and ranged classes counter each other's weaknesses. Heavy Units can be used as a tank for Artillery and Ranged Units.

    And this is my Defence Guide. Thank you for taking the time to view this thread.
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    If your attacker uses 8 artillery you loose as well. If he uses 4 ballista's and 4 archers you loose. If he uses 8 archers you loose. If he uses 1 unit and 7 rogues you loose big.

    They can not reach all units on their first turn, which brings them dangerously close. Besides that you should not defend with units lower than the area you are in.

    Not really that good. Because of the artilery the AI will hold the other units back. The fast will run forward, the others will group around your artillery and become easy pickings.

    My defence guide: Collect in time and make sure you are in a big guild and have a lot of friends, so your buildings are motivated.
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    AI is terrible at controlling mounted archers. They are such an easy prey, especially when attacker is 1+7 rogues, as they come very close, just when trying to turn Rogues.
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    Actually this is incorrect, you can't get attacked or attack your neighbors before you research "Military Tactics", one of the last Iron age techs.
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