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GOE is Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Mount Killmore Guild Recruitments' started by Timballisto123, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Timballisto123

    Timballisto123 Private

    Jun 10, 2019
    GOE (Guild of Empires) is Recruiting!

    We are a level 39 Guild - giving you 4 FP per day, 20% off your recruiting and heeling times and 10% off your construction costs.

    We are actively looking for new members of the guild to keep our team fresh and our ideas moving. We are a happy blend of stalwarts of the game, upstarts and newbies, with lots of help given to help get GBs off the ground and you up and running, especially Arc and CdM, to help you rocket through the game.

    We mainly focus on GE, with a minimum completion requirement of Lvl 1 every week - but most can manage Lvl 2/3. There is also some GvG but this is not a priority.

    Send in a join request today!