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GB donations simultanious issue


  • World: EN1
  • Browser and Version: Chrome
  • Overview of the bug: I clicked on guildmates arc to add 13 FP to it, screen came up of that arc building, but i did not notice 1 second later it had flipped to my own Cape Gb that somebody esle in my Hood was donating to at the exact sametime, therefore my 13Fp went to my own Cape GB not the Arc of Guildmates, But graphic stayed as my guildmates arc the hole time. I clicked out and back in and samething, only until my Hood friend stopped contirbuting to my cape in my city was i able to donate to my guildmates Arc. Also i clicked on my guildmates arc and graphic and city stayed in my guidmates arc the hole time i could actually see FP qty in my cape growing at every add occuring till he was completed
  • Screenshots: was not fast enough to do so
  • How often this occurs: well i am going to guess everytime
  • Urgency: Moderate, as you can place FP accidently to your own GB and not where you intended
  • Preventative Actions: Have Inno fix the bug is preventative
  • Summary: see above
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: no
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods?: no


humm anybody looking into this? or was it a waste of my time to enter info?


How often has this happened? Was this just a one-time thing, or have you or anyone else experienced it again?


so far this has occured once, i wouild have to corrdinate with a donator adn me trying to donate at sametime, perhaps you guys can replicate it by having 2 mods try it out as i describe


Thank you for reporting this to us, we'll investigate as soon as possible.


Mods, it just happened again, i was donating large sum FP to my Friends arc, i was in her city adn click on her arc to add 12FP in and at same time somoobdy was adding 10Fp to my cape in my city and my 12Fp flipped to my own cape and not the Arc and city i was actually in

Have you been able to test this issue, as i did not want to add 12FP from bank to my own city cape, i use my Free city points for that, Please advise


This has been open since March 15th, and it is still hapening, Today as 2 teamates was in my Cape adding large amount of FP, i was in my Guilds mates Arc and i simply watched, as i clicked in it, it would show Guildmate arc, then as screen is open and Other 2 added FP it would switch to my cape, i clicked out and clicked in again showed Teamates Arc but then change to my cape, over and over again till they were done in my cape, so trying to add to my teamates arc would dump my own FP's to my own cape instead of Arc in my teamates city which was open

Is dev or mods still looking into this are do i need to submit ticket now?


First, I wish to apologize for letting this issue sit this long.
We tested this in every way we could imagine, unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue. We'll continue testing but in the meantime, please contact support about this issue so we are able to dig deeper.


Chief Warrant Officer
there are more than one bugs that happen when people contribute to each other gbs at the same time. this is just one of them